Marking head for an easy integration in production lines with low space requirement

The innovative and compact dot peen marking head MV5 U65/30 INTEGRAL is equipped with an internal control unit. The previously required wiring works between marking head and control unit and the installation in the control cabinet is not required anymore. No space for an external control unit needs to be provided. Recently, the product range of our INTEGRAL marking systems has been extended by two more models. The new marking system MV5 U85/45 INTEGRAL is equipped with a marking field of 85 x 45 mm (optionally 120 x 45 mm) and extends the strengths of the already existing model MV5 U65/30 INTEGRAL. Proven features include the compact, space-saving design due to the integrated control system and the completely electric drive concept. Furthermore, a simple and quick integration into a production or testing facility is possible.

As with its little brother, the marking pin of the MV5 U85/45 INTEGRAL can be replaced easily, quickly and cost-effectively. Due to its light weight it can also be used on a robot arm or a Z-axis. Thanks to the optional protective cover made of Kevlar (for marking field 85 x 45 mm), use in an unclean environment is also no problem. The marking system is suitable to mark several materials up to a hardness of 63 HRC. The marking force of the solenoid which was especially developed for marking purposes can be adjusted individually to the material and the needed marking depth. With this, a precise marking of nearly all materials is guaranteed.

Compared to the MV5 U65/30 INTEGRAL marking system, the new MV5 U85/45 INTEGRAL offers a more stable guidance system, an integrated laser pointer for simulation and support during set-up, and optionally a display for direct visualisation of programming.

The mentioned features, combined with the low acquisition and operating costs as well as the low spare parts stock, result in an attractive price-performance ratio and predestine the MV5 U85/45 INTEGRAL for the application areas, e.g. test facilities, environments without existing compressed air supply, applications with Data Matrix Codes, date / time stamping, simple part markings, robotic applications.